I’m sitting at the office with my foot tapping because a) I’ve finished all of my markets and b) I leave for the Dallas area tomorrow. Between now and then I have to buy pantyhose, get cash, wash my car, tan, and finish packing (my desk, my bathroom, my closets, and my suitcase).


All of my earthly possessions will be moved next week as soon as Matt and I get back from a short honeymoon. I’ll then send him back to Pennsylvania so that he can finish his packing and moving. If all goes well, we might have a home put together by August. If all does not go well, Matt will be moving his stuff in during the time that I’m at WorldCon and we will start the culling process after I get back.


I’ll be offline (except for occasional office E-mail checks) for a week or two until we get Internet established in the new apartment. I hope to be writing normally again by August. With the wedding, trips, two moves, and in-laws’ visit, I have no idea if that is even feasible. I do hope to at least find out whether my story submissions are accepted for publication. We shall see.

For now I bid all my readers a fond goodbye and look forward to talking with you soon.