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Wedding and WorldCon


I’m going to WorldCon! I will be one of the authors reading at the Thursday 10AM Hadley Rille Books Panel. I will also be floating around the convention from August 7-9. Come find me and say hello!


My other wonderful news:

-The wedding is this week and I’m leaving for wedding festivities on Thursday!

-I’m making very good progress on my apartment packing!


To Do List:

-Finish packing up my apartment

-Finish packing for Honeymoon

-Go for the last two sessions of tanning

-Remember to get some decent sleep


Say Goodbye to the Decorations!




  1. Awesome!

    Also, see you Friday 😀

  2. Huzzah! *sniffsniff* Our little Alycia is a big author… we’re so proud!! 😛

    Also, woot for wedding!

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