All but three of my decorations are packed. I still have most of my pictures hanging on the walls because I couldn’t find enough boxes to finish packing them. I should be able to get more picture boxes after work today, so I can hopefully finish that project tonight. I also want to schedule a change of residence for my electricity and Internet. Other goals are to finish writing thank you notes and continue packing up my kitchen. I was debating going to see my parents this weekend, but I think I’ll stay home and continue packing instead.


Markets were slow today because many livestock auctions are not selling this week due to the Independence Day holiday. Consequently, I will be playing catch up on my records keeping this afternoon.


Over the past three days, I have come up with four different short story ideas but no motivation to actually start any of them. Writing even three paragraphs on Chapter 19 early this morning felt like pulling teeth. Evidently, the wedding is still the conqueror of my creative energy just as it should be. Matt and I are both actually a bit in shock that after so many years of dating, we will actually finally be husband and wife. Being able to wake up next to my best friend and soul mate every morning will be such a happy change. I am so excited!