My apartment is happily becoming even more of a disaster—particularly in the dining room. All my boxes full of 4.5 of my six bookshelves worth of books and decorations have been piled on the dining room’s far wall. I still have a long way to go, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to have all of my decorations, books, and pictures packed by this weekend. I might even be able to start packing some of the kitchen, utility room, and closet contents. We’ll see. The cat has been having a blast finding new and improved ways to get herself buried in packing paper or stuck between box stacks. Keeping her from eating the packing peanuts has also proved to be a “fun” challenge. Ah, well, I certainly wouldn’t want my life boring.


Other things on my “To Do” list for the rest of this week:

-Continue tanning.

-Continue practicing the waltz.

-Get Matt’s information to the new apartment manager so our lease can be finished.

-Take unfitting clothes back to the store.

-Confiscate more picture packing boxes from some local retail stores.

-Go grocery shopping for two weeks’ worth of supplies and food.

-Write four thank you notes.

-Cook a crock-pot meal.

-Back up my computer.

-Service and wash my car.

-Repost “City of Twilight” on Baen’s Universe

-And clean the dishes.