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Next Week and Short Stories

In one more week I finally get to see Matthew! I haven’t seen him since April so this is wonderful! We have to get our marriage license in Dallas on Friday and see our officiating minister for the mandatory marriage counseling on Sunday. The next time I see him will be our wedding weekend in July. I am so glad I will have a week to goof off with him before he flies back to Pennsylvania. We’ll have to spend the last half of our “Honeymoon” week moving my stuff into the new apartment just across town, but at least we’ll be together. He will be on his own to move all of his things cross-country sometime during the third week of July while I’m working. Whatever weekend he comes in will be really tiring, but worth every back-breaking minute. We haven’t lived in the same city since I graduated Texas A&M University at the end of 2005, so I could not be more excited to actually be able to live with him.


In writing news, I sent my short story “Chosen” off to the Writer’s of the Future Contest, which has a July 1 deadline. We will see how that goes, but in the meantime I need to finish correcting my “City of Twilight” short story and resubmit it to the Baen’s Universe Bar new-author slush pile. I also need to finish my edits of David’s, Lauren’s, Mary’s, and Leia’s June postings in EAG. I’ve read through David’s and Mary’s stuff once, but I have yet to attempt formal edits. I guess I’ll do that once I get my market reports finished since those are due on the 15th.


I Proudly Announce Ruins Metropolis


The Weekend


  1. I’ve had my story “The Good Child” at Baen’s Bar for a while, but it received minimal comments. And, with other deadlines looming fast, I haven’t had the time to revised and repost yet.

    It did get me a purty Cert from WotF, though!

    • Hmm, I’ll have to look for that story. Yay for shiny certificates! I have to agree with your entry about Black Gate…it is a wonderful magazine. One of my mentors, Martha Wells, has written a couple of stories for it.

  2. *headdesk* I read this and thought, “Man, y’all are getting your license early” and then I remembered–oh yeah. A month away 😛 You crazy trendbreakers, not being at the end/beginning of the year like all the other weddings I’m going to in the next year.

    • We just want to see you shiver and complain about the freezing Dallas weather for our wedding. 🙂

  3. Huzzah wedding!!! Once again, wish I was gonna be there so YOU HAVE TO SEND LOTS OF PICTURES.

    Also, don’t be super concerned about editing my stuff, wedding and publishing >>> edits.

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