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To Do List

To do list for this week:

-Go to the grocery store

-Cook a large pot from which leftovers can be gleaned

-E-mail my DJ with my song requests for the wedding reception

-Sign a contract for a new (and bigger) apartment where Matt and I can live

-E-mail our officiating pastor about the scheduled counseling sessions that Matt and I must attend

-Go to Lubbock for my bridal portraits (this Saturday)*


Ongoing to do list:

-Write thank you notes to those people who were gracious enough to give us wedding gifts

-Begin packing up my current apartment

-Continue to tan so that I don’t look like a corpse bride*


*plus anything else I can think to do.


On another note, I give my sincere thanks and admiration to 

 who was brave enough to attempt my MadLib story challenge! Go see her work! It’s hysterical!

By the way, Ruin Metropolis is sadly still delayed although I am fairly sure that it has made it through the physical press at least. I’m still waiting on my author copy and official notice of publication, so we are unfortunitely still officially in limbo.


Wedding Count Down!


I Proudly Announce Ruins Metropolis


  1. *bows* Thank you. Thank you. Glad you liked it. 🙂 That is my brain at 0300 while deployed… scary isn’t it?

    On another note. Got your wedding announcement (well, my folks did) the other day. Sorry, again, that I’m going to miss your wedding. 🙁 Alan should be there though.

    • I’m sorry you’re going to miss it too, but our dear country does come first. Yay for Alan coming! He will have a blast hanging out with Scott and Lauren! Remind him to get his reply card mailed to Mom asap so that she can mark him on the official list:-)!

  2. I finally sent out the RSVP! (And not the SRVP like I was about to type–wonder what that would stand for?)

    Situational Rooftop Violence Party, maybe?

    • Quote:Situational Rooftop Violence Party, maybe?

      Alan and I should totally have one of those at our wedding…

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