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Wedding Count Down!


Well, Matt and I have a little over 50 days until our wedding. This week we’ve just started marriage counseling, talking about finances, and deciding where we’re living. Meanwhile my mom and I have talked to each other at least once a day for the last two weeks to try to finish the last of the wedding ceremony/reception decoration and music details. Since I have to do my bridal portraits in two weeks and since I am paler than a ghost, I have to start tanning this week. I also have to clean the house, do laundry, and stock the fridge since my best friend Bekah is coming to see me this weekend.


Matt and I haven’t seen each other since he flew to Dallas in late April to do our cake and food tasting. We won’t see each other again until he flies to Dallas at the end of June to get our marriage license and meet with our pastor. It really bites having my fiancé in Pittsburgh while I’m in Texas. I’m so very glad that frustration will be eliminated one way or the other in a little more than a month!


In other news…


Unfortunately no one wanted to play my MadLibs game so I sadly cannot post any results!


I’m expecting Ruins Metropolis to finally be in bookstores this month and will post the stores carrying the anthology as soon as I receive that information!


I finished all my thank you notes from the bridal shower as of four weeks ago! Since our wedding invitations went out two weeks ago, I expect one more gifts to begin arriving toward the end of June. That gives me roughly four to five weeks of “relaxing” time before I start the notes again.


My fiction writing has slowed to a crawl thanks to all of the wedding preparations taking precedence. Even so, I plan to submit two short stories for publication this month and let those be the last I try to publish before the wedding. I’ll still work on rough draft stories and such, but I doubt my writing will be anything organized until August. It will be nice to get back to a regular writing schedule after things calm down, Matt and I get settled, and I finish thank you notes.


Oh, well, for now I’ll go back to work on the wedding…


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  1. Huzzah wedding! Oh, and I’ll do your MadLibs thingy! *goes off to do that since it’s only 2am*

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