I have exactly 32 pairs of shoes in my closet currently. I know this because I reorganized the closet last night to fit in the three new pairs I brought home this weekend. My mom was kind enough to take me shopping for spring and summer wardrobe editions on Saturday and Sunday and I am very grateful! I badly needed the shopping spree since my closet has not really been updated since last year. In any event, I replaced my black sandals and found a pair of red and a pair of white semi-dressy sandals to help complete my shoe collection. I also discarded five worn-out and out-dated shoes. Of the 32 now in my closet, I ware all but seven regularly. The rarely used pairs include three pairs of evening shoes (including my yet-to-be-worn wedding shoes), a pair of grungy boots I use for my rare outdoor projects, and two pairs of dress pumps that are worn only to job interviews. I regularly wear all of my sandals, mules, flats, and dress boots to the office or church when in season as well as my tennis shoes, house shoes, and flip-flops when I just want to be sloppy.