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This Week’s Craziness!


This week will be extremely busy. I finished and mailed 30 thank you notes last week, but I still have another 45 to write and mail to finish formally thanking everyone involved with Matthew and my first and only wedding shower on April 5th. Matthew and I met in Dallas this weekend with my mom, dad, Aunt Lori, and Uncle Sully to do our food and cake tasting for our upcoming wedding. The club’s food is some of the best I have tasted in a while and I think our guests will be very pleased. My mouth certainly watered over our final selections beef tenderloin, rosemary chicken, and Chilean sea bass. The side dishes of mashed potatoes, herb rice, and sautéed mixed vegetables were excellent and the various appetizers are sure to be a hit! Matt and I also reconnoitered two places for rehearsal dinner and decided on our vows this weekend. I still need to mail him the information packet on the second restaurant and do more marriage counseling stuff with him. Ugh, there are so many things to finish before July!


At the office today, I have to finish the work I missed when I took off on Friday as well as do an additional version of the National Feeder Summary report for my boss and a Cold Storage report. These two projects come on top of my usual Monday load of six to eight market reports.


Tonight I have Aggie Muster to attend. Muster is a very special annual ceremony for the students and former students of Texas A&M University because it is a time that we come together to honor those Aggies who have died during the past year and also celebrate our own memories of A&M. I am so excited to be sitting with the Turner family for the second Muster in a row! It is rather wonderful that I have the opportunity to do so since they basically adopted me during last year’s Muster and have been close friends of mine ever since. Thanks to the Turners, I found my wonderful church and got at least somewhat involved in the San Angelo community.


As far as my creative writing is concerned, I’m still waiting to get Mom’s proof of “Chosen” (renamed from “Metallic Feathers”) back so that I can do final edits for it and submit it for publication. The rest of my writing will have to wait until I finish my thank you notes. The Eccentric Authors Guild (E.A.G.) group deadline for posting new stuff occurs on April 30 so I had better get myself in gear.


Other projects for this week and weekend include unpacking my suitcase and backpack from the weekend, cleaning all the dust out of my computer, vacuuming, dusting, moving my couch and tables back to their pre-flood positions*, reorganizing my closet (which will take all of 30 minutes), clothes shopping to finish out my spring wardrobe, getting my car serviced, and cooking a large pot of something to eat on over the course of the week.


*After spending time with my parents and grandparents on Grandma and Grandpa’s Waco-area farm during Easter, I came home to a three-foot wide stripe of soggy carpet near my living room window. Apparently the maintenance crew in charge of fixing our apartments’ façade did not properly recaulk my window so I had to move all my furniture to the far side of the den and then live with carpet fans and excess mold smell for three days. My window is fixed well enough to withstand rainstorms, so I finally get to reposition my furniture!


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  1. Ah yes. Your mother and aunt Lori are exactly the people I would go to when planning a wedding. Their taste and sense of decorum is flawless. I can think of no two people better equipped to handle this event…..well, unless of course, your grandmother Lora Lee were here. She could orgaize a wedding (or any major event, from inauguration to sheep-sheering) in her sleep….and only because she gained and expanded on that talent from her own mother, Maudine. You come from a long line of talented, resourceful, creative, loving and socially aware women, my dear. Use your power wisely.

    • I must politely ask, Ambercam, how you know so much about my family. Who are you? It is of course quite true what you say about my grandmother. She was in my estimation one of the finest women I have ever been blessed to know.

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