After a month long battle with writer’s block on the book, I am happy to report that I had a downpour of inspiration last week and this week. I switched from my short stories back to the novel, finally completed and posted the rough draft of Chapter 17 to my writing group’s virtual space, and then took only five days to write 14 pages on Chapter 18. Oh, how I love it when the story finally clicks! Hopefully, I’ll have 18 finished and posted by next weekend. 

In other writing news, the Ruins Metropolis editor finally sent me a contract to fill out and sign to allow him to use my story in the anthology. “Sumari’s Solitude” will be my first published fiction piece! When the anthology is finally released, I will give everyone the specific details of where to find it.

I am also pleased to announce that I will be attending AggieCon 39. Someday I hope to be invited back to College Station, Texas, as a guest author. For this year, however, I will proudly go only as a Former Student and Aggie.