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Writer’s Block


I love writer’s block…


Over the past month, I have worked on three different short stories and one novel chapter. I have not finished any of them. At first glance, one might assume that I have a hard time finishing projects, which I suppose could be the case if it was in reference to my housework. The real truth in reference to my writing; however, is that I have had massive writer’s block over the past month.


When writer’s block hits me, I’ve found that throwing the manuscript down with a huff and going to sulk in a corner over a bag of Doritos is not usually (mentally) productive. Instead I discovered that skipping from the project on which I’m blocked to another project sometimes helps relieve my frustration. Frustration for me is a huge part of my mental block, so if I start on another project sometimes I can naturally work out the writing kinks.


This month I wrote a few pages on Chapter 17 and then got stuck when I discovered my character continuity and plot continuity weren’t quite meshing. I took a break from it and turned to develop some of the plot on a short story about a 25-year-old bachelor who orders a box of dormant imps from a newspaper advertisement as a gag gift for his friend. The joke is on him when he discovers that the imps are real and ready to cause mischief all over his apartment building.


With that plot still halfway jammed between my brain and pen, I decided to switch again. This time I began a story about a girl who sees angels. Again I got stuck when I tried to figure out the story’s major conflict. Next I started a story in which a group of 12 girls are called to their kingdom’s last defense against ruthless invaders. To protect their people, these 12 must submit to a dangerous magic that will make them physically invincible for the span of one day’s sunrise to sunset. Their mission is to assassinate the enemy’s king and arch mage before the invaders can storm the capital city. That story went cold after only a page! Although I have no idea if I’ll finish any of those three short stories in the near future, the good news is that I am once again writing Chapter 17. As of yesterday, I had over 70 percent of its rough draft finished.


So, dear readers, which of the short story ideas mentioned above do you like the best? I need to have something to write once I get stuck on Chapter 18 after all. J


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  1. My vote? 12 girls then imps. 🙂 Not that I’m one to talk, I keep bouncing between two or three fan fics and two novels and getting remarkably no where on all of them.

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