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We have another sandstorm blowing in West Texas today, our second of the week. The sky has been brown since 9AM today. Isn’t it exciting? Ugh! One thing I will not miss about West Texas after I marry and move is the spring season sandstorms. Anyway, this morning I have been watching the wind and editing on my short story “Chosen” that I finished writing in December. Since it’s now 10 o’clock and my livestock market reports are finally up on USDA’s Web site, I will postpone more work on the short story in favor of writing and editing my market reports. I’ll then finish my short story edits this afternoon. I love my job and my boss! I know of few other places of employment that would allow me the chance to work on my own fiction once my regular work is complete.


Skinshifter Chapter 16


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  1. Man… I wish I could do that.

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