Well, I finally finished Chapter 16 of my novel Skinshifter on Sunday night. That leaves me roughly eight chapters and 40,000 words left in which to finish the book. I found writing both Chapter 16 and its predecessor to be extremely difficult because I had to reintroduce a crucial character from Chapter 1. I dropped him into my protagonist’s life once more and then subsequently destroyed him. The whole purpose of this was to help raise the stakes for my main characters and make the impending war that much more personal for my protagonist Katja.


I procrastinated for a week before I finally wrote the death scene and, in the end, I was surprised that I did not cry over the character’s loss as much as I thought I would. While I am very proud of the end result, my slog through the emotions and reactions surrounding my pivotal character was rough. Killing off a character, even a minor one, can be absolutely heart wrenching.