Three wonderful pieces of news to announce today…


One is that I finished Trouble in High Heels yesterday night. I loved the ending and enjoyed the overall book. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that there actually was a little bit of fantasy tucked into the plot…well, there was the appearance of a cute, cuddly dragon anyway.


The second is that I won the Beginner’s version of Minesweeper in just eight seconds! Beat that Matthew! Ha-ha!


The third and most important news is that I received an E-mail from my contact at the publisher where I submitted my short story “Sumari’s Solitude.” The editor really liked the story and wants to publish it in an anthology! He also commented “the story was well-written and you have a great ability to paint visual scenes without excess description.” So the road is now paved for my first break into the world of freelance fiction. I am so ecstatic!